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Mission: AXL Academy is a tuition-free PK-8 expeditionary charter school in Aurora that delivers academic achievement, character development and social equity through an active instructional model and a strong school culture.

Vision: Engage, Empower, Achieve

  • Engage – active learning approach
  • Empower –social equity and character development
  • Achieve – high quality work and mastery of skills and knowledge


AXL is a public charter school in Aurora, educating students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. AXL offers tuition-free public education for grades K through 8, and tuition is on a sliding scale for prekindergarten.  AXL is a school of choice, where students develop the power to think, the confidence to act and a sense of responsibility for one another.  We believe that all students deserve an outstanding education, including the challenges and supports to prepare for college and career. AXL prepares students to create their own futures with an ambitious, language-enriched education in a safe and stimulating environment.


AXL is located in central Aurora, one of the most diverse areas of the city socioeconomically, linguistically, racially and culturally. Our school opened its doors in 2008 with 225 students.  Today, due to excellent results and high demand by families, total enrollment is 530 students, and we maintain a waitlist for many grade levels.  AXL delivers high academic achievement, character development and social equity through active teaching and learning and a strong school culture. We call it a Revolution in Learning.



Our school is founded on the principles and core practices of Expeditionary Learning, fostering a school environment that promotes deep engagement in learning and supports students to achieve at high levels. Students and teachers participate in Learning Expeditions, in which classroom learning in core subjects, as well as technology, Spanish and physical fitness are integrated into deep investigations of real-world issues. Learning Expeditions are built directly from Colorado Core Standards and connect classroom content with experience in everyday life.


AXL teachers work closely together to design hands-on projects, real life problems, and frequent outside-the-classroom fieldwork that make students active participants in their own education. At AXL, students will likely visit a forest, a theater, a ghost town, a hospital laboratory, a courtroom, the Platte River, and many other exciting learning environments. They will build an urban garden, a solar cooker, a zoo habitat, and a robot made out of Legos.  They will perform in a living museum about life on the frontier and beta-test skateboard ramps for effective trajectories and physical properties demonstrating the forces of motion.  These compelling investigations and active teaching and learning provide the motivation and context necessary for students to engage in complex topics, persevere to build new skills and knowledge, and apply their learning in meaningful ways.


Students publicly demonstrate what they have learned and what they can do, in developmentally appropriate ways, in order to earn passage from to next grade level.


Our active learning and strong school culture foster high academic achievement, character development, and social equity.  At AXL, we educate students to thrive in the larger community through innovative school systems and proven instructional practices.

Staff and students alike adhere to a Code of Character that creates an inclusive, responsive and respectful learning environment. Our Code of Character encompasses the principles of respect, responsibility, integrity, stewardship, courage and craftsmanship.

AXL students wear simple uniforms to ensure respect for self and others, diminish social stress, and develop a strong school  identity.


All college prep schools expect students to excel in a rigorous academic program.  AXL asks more.  We expect our students to discover how they learn, that they take intellectual delight and responsibility in their education, and that they gain the courage and integrity to negotiate the futures they create. AXL is committed to preparing all students to succeed in high school, college and careers of their choosing.

Our model provides a safe, stable, and nurturing school in which students know what is expected of them academically and personally and know they have the individualized support to reach their goals

Students are assessed against explicit learning targets to measure their progress toward Colorado Core Standards. AXL evaluates students’ increasing knowledge and skill with a variety of assessment tools.


AXL Academy

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